SymmTime 2008

Multi-zone desktop clock with time synchronizing functions

If you're forever adjusting your clock or worried about whether it's showing the exact correct time, then this could be the answer for you. View full description


  • Ensures you always have the correct system time wherever you are
  • Synchronises with the atomic clock


  • Sometimes lags when connecting to server

Not bad

If you're forever adjusting your clock or worried about whether it's showing the exact correct time, then this could be the answer for you.

SymmTime synchronizes your PC clock to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) - in other words, the atomic clock which is the World standard by which all clocks are set. Windows can sometimes gain and lose time, especially in older machines, and SymmTime ensures that you’ll never have to manually set the time ever again. SymmTime works by automatically synchronizing your system clock through via any accessible NTP server. The program allows you to set as many time zones as you need and You can set as many time zones as you need, and change them anytime you want which is extremely useful for those on the move. For instance you'll never miss another international conference call on the move because you can set up a conference call at any time in any country. In addition, you can choose from an Analog (with clock face and hands) or digital clock face in 24-hour or AM/PM format.

For those on the move, this is a much better solution than constantly resetting your clock manually.


  • New clock faces - options include 15 analog clock faces and 14 digital clock faces
  • Dual screen support - with more people using two screens, SymmTime 2008 has the ability to move from one screen to another
  • Expanded clock sizes - there are now more clock sizes to fit numerous screens
  • Vista compatible - SymmTime 2008 is compatible with all Windows® PC operations
  • Ease-of-use - easy to download and install

SymmTime 2007 is a convenient multi-zone desktop time utility that automatically synchronizes your system clock through the Internet to any accessible NTP server.

Once it is set up on your computer, you can create several time zone clocks at one time - and you can change then anytime you want. This lets you know for certain what the exact time is anywhere in the world.



SymmTime 2008

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